The Future of Enrolled Agent Begins Here.

EApass is the most sincere online education service for everyone who wishes to become an enrolled agent. We will repay your expectations with great success by maximizing the valuable time and effort you invested in.


In this tutorial, you will see how to use EA-PASS efficiently.

① Getting a PTIN at IRS.
② Register your exam at Prometric.
③ Taking the Exam on your local testing center.
④ Checking exam result.
⑤ After pass all 3 parts, you must fill out form 23 for apply EA license.
⑥ After form 23 approval, now you are an EA!

EA Exam details

There are no requirement or prerequisites in applying for the EA exam. Age, status, or educational background does not play any factor in the EA exam.

Advantage of EA

As an EA, they earn the right and privilege to represent clients before the IRS, covering all tax topics and working with any administrative level.


In general, CPAs earn more than EAs in all career levels. However, the CPA credential requires significantly more schooling, time, and upfront costs than the EA credential.

How To

Schedule for taking EA exam​

① Create your Account at Prometric 
② Select EA exam. Its official name is Special Enrollment Exam (SEE).
③ Put your PTIN.
④ Select your Location and testing center.
⑤ Select your date and time.
⑥ You will get e-mail confirmation from Prometric. It’s done!