What is EA?

Enrolled Agent is a federally certified tax professional who has the required expertise in the field of taxation. EA represent tax payers before all administrative levels of the IRS.


There are no requirement or prerequisites in applying for the EA exam. Age, status, or educational background does not play any factor in the EA exam.

Passing Scores

The passing score is 105 on 40-130 scale. The test is a pass or fail system and candidates will find out whether they passed the exam or not on the day of the actual test.

Test format

EA is a computer based test with three sub parts. Each part has 100 multiple choice questions with 4 hours of allocated time per section. It includes tutorials and survey.

Test Date

EA exam offers year-round except in March and April. Since testing centers are open five to six days a week, candidates may choose the most convenient test date.

Test Site & fee

All candidate can take exam at any Prometric center. There is 184.97 fee per part paid at the time of appointment scheduling. Test fee is non-refundable and non-transferable.

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A highly efficient curriculum that results in the highest passing rate

We offers an effective there-month EA review program that provides quality lectures and review sessions. All textbooks and review materials are updated yearly with the most up to date information in your language. Anyone can become a certified EA with us.

Intensive problem solving prep & training

For each prospective subject matters, instructors provide an intensive problem solving prep and training. The chapter questions will be reviewed extensively so that students may approach the exam fully prepared.

What people say

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I really enjoyed the class and felt the chanllenge. It built confidence on tax. I look forword to taking another class in the future. Thanks for this great on-line courses.
Dennies W.
From New York, USA
EA-PASS gave me a great overview on U.S. Tax. Now I'm expanding my practice. I recommend all my co-workers get their EA license with EA-PASS.
Kathy V.
From California, USA
EA-PASS is a great program for EA exam. Textbook is informative and one-on-one care program is very helpful for preparing exam. Thanks EA-PASS!
Anthony K.
From Washington, USA
I passed all parts on first try. Great materials and video lectures. Above all, multiple choice quiz practice was very helpful for passing the exam. Thank you guys.
Peter P.
From Virginia, USA